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June 9, 2018

Heather was a force to be reckoned with.  She was deliberate, resilient and a might bit stubborn.  The mischievous and playful Louisa fit Heather's personality like a glove.  No doubt she could have climbed that window trellis with a whole jar of spiders in her hand!!  She embraced every day working on The Sound of Music, hardly believing her good luck in landing the part.

Heather always dreamed of living in New York City and she made good on that dream.  She took great joy in setting up her home and taking ballet, jazz and Zumba classes regularly.  How Heather loved to dance and work up a sweat, and she walked faster than anyone you have ever seen.  She vibed with New York City’s pace and made a bevy of friends to share a glass of wine with over dinner, and she relished everything that Broadway had to offer.  When Heather wasn’t in New York, she was at the Urich Canada home, enjoying her eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. 

It was unbearably painful that, in such a short time, we lost another member of our family.   Heather’s warmth, generosity and total lack of pretension, have been a shining example to all of us for over fifty years.  We were so blessed to have met her on The Sound of Music, and that blessing continued every day until Christmas Eve 2017, when Heather passed away.  None of us could believe it.  We miss Heather deeply and wish she were here to share the continuing Sound of Music adventure. 

Our Louisa, Heather, will never leave us and we will never leave each other. As she said to her family and friends, “If it all ended tomorrow, I’ve had a great life.”

Nicholas Hammond, Duane Chase, Angela Cartwright,
Debbie Turner & Kym Karath


Charmian, Kym, Heather, Angela, Debbie, Nicholas, Duane

2018 portrait photograph by: Art Streiber

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